Thursday, October 17, 2013

Spicing up the sex life!!!!!

Hey Wolf!
  New advice columnist for life love and lust? I could deff use your help.
So I been with my bf for a year on dec. 9th. I love him to death hes perfect he watches my 3yr old like his own but .. sex is got so typical. its kind of blahh. same stuff even if in a different move. even planned at times! and i cant have a boring sex life. but he is a great guy he really is.


Your Wolfy Answer:

So things have gotten boring in the bedroom? Maybe the jobs getting done but there is no excitement?

Here are some quick easy ways to spice up your sex life:
Once Again Know your man, know what turns him on and know the kind of things he is interested in.
Explore!!! I cannot stress this enough.
Most couples are to afraid to venture out of their routine, but if you don't , sex just becomes monotonous.
Talk about your fantasies. With that being said I would suggest fantasies that only include you two so as to not add any animosities to your relationship.
To spice up your sex life for some can be as easy as changing positions, location, or adding things like toys to the bedroom.

If you want to turn on your man and yourself think of the things that turn you on that your man does that turn you on , and think of how you can get him to do those things with you as the trigger.

 ex. In the past I have had partners do this sort of thing. I have had a partner put on a top that kind of resembled a renaissance style top. I myself am into her completely every inch of her excites me, but she knew that using my interests in history or in entertainment, like movies would turn me on. Because it turned me on and made me look at her in a certain way that turned her on more than ever.
We ended up having the best sex we have had in years.

If that sort of thing isn't for you. I ask who is in control in the bed?
Who ever it is switch it up let the other take control.
If you are in control use that time to act out your fantasies. Who knows it might be one of your partners fantasies too =)

The Wolf

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