Tuesday, June 28, 2016

just an animaniac

for those of you that know me, you can attest to this fact.the fact that I am a rather animated fellow.
around two years ago I snapped for the first time In a long time. My brain was like a bungie cord being stretched to its limits. I found my self wondering had it snapped back to a restful state, or rather broken into two separate halves of one whole.
Stay with me, now I'm not   talking about a split personality but rather a fundamentally good side and a diabolically bad side. Where was I going with this?
no idea. As I have my mood swings it feels as if my mind is being slung left right angry happy sad surprised and the front starts to hurt and I just can't take it. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Emotional rollercoaster rises to the surface, and I go bananas. First anger, then sadness, then uncontrollable maniacal laughter.( this is the point where most people become afraid.) then its right back to either sadness or anger.
but what most people fail to realize is, the bad days when I snap and you see it. I'm going through those everyday in my head. Non stop 24/7 and that's me holding it at bay when I am my normal happy go lucky animated animaniac self.
Floating around singing,quoting movies, literature, songs, or just being rambunctious and talkative always on the go. I'm this way to occupy the moods to alter them to change them.
If you ask me all the greatest actors are insane and I'm no different. While I have not been paid for film,or stage Acting is my job, I do it everyday because most people couldn't handle me otherwise.

This post is to give insight to the world as to what it's really like living "in the real world"(with mental illness.

sincerely, your friend. The Wolf 🐺

Friday, June 24, 2016

Cheap for nice days and children who stay bored all day

As I stay in a house where there are small children who happen to be off for the summer. It becomes a daily routine of hearing I'm bored, and all other sorts of whining.
I think what did I do as a kid?
there was always a bike to ride, a friend to see, some new place to go. I don't have many memories of being bored.
I would love a little input
is television,cell phones and other technology killing the imagination of today's youth?
Do you still use your imagination and how old are you?
give me a few ideas to help these children they are not enticed by bike rides etc.... How can I show them the world they are missing out on

Friday, June 17, 2016

5 points to life and happiness

Some wisdom for anyone to apply to life.
#1 Remove value from the material/Place value on the things that are valuable. Like friendship,family, and love.
#2 Remove/Replace negativity
both around and within yourself.
#3 Be willing to CHANGE! the emphasis is because this is very important. That which doesn't evolve and adapt will perish.
#4 Be more patient stress arises from inpatients and stress is a killer
#5 Love equally others and yourself.

Guess Whos back!

After many years of not posting anything, I am back.
I had come to the realization that I was not as wise as I thought.
I spent 7 and one half years in a relationship that can only be described as toxic.
a story of two young people falling fast. I remember the way her face made me smile, it was cute in a funny looking way.
A relationship in which I felt nervous and had butterflies everyday.

my own mania fueling hers and the world around us burns.

For the rest of my life I will love her and yet I've never been happier alone. We went our separate ways a little over a year ago and I still think of her.
Though it would seem I've been effectively erased from her life, there will always be a place for her in mine.

my life still in turmoil but I know I have nothing to hold me I may come and go as I please.
As the years have progressed I've come to find you can only achieve true happiness when you can honestly let go of the material.

Sincerely, The Wolf 🐺