Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Underland has flooded

As the weather changes underland will surely flood. Nonsense rabbit you old stick in the mud. Please please makes haste, for if we dont hurry for us all the same fate.no more madness below now only above. We're talking madness so foul it will snuff out all of the love.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Sometimes when your down you think you'll never get up. Life has a funny way of reminding you to be humble. I have been spending time trying to better myself and every time there are innumerable struggles in the way. Push through. You are alive and you are stronger than you think. The little setbacks are to remind you to see those around you that are struggling too.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Most of the Time

Most of the time I feel absolutely fine. then at times I feel blind...
Beauty is gone after everything... There in a flash gone in a blink.
I want to wash my hands, but thoughts of you keep clogging my sink.
and just when I think I'm on the brink.... think ..... think.... something at one time I could do very clear
but now my mind a haze without you here.
Cannabis smoke for days. Maryjane keeping me from rage.
but I still find myself stuck on this same page........ 
same line same paragraph and I just cant get past the one thing I always thought would last.
and as I continue to go fast through this vast plane of existence
I think Ill stay alone Fuck what you thought about me needing your assistance.
I tried to show you the world you could only show resistance.
yet you claimed it was my persistence that made you fall
now you hate me if I try at all
so here's where I'm at Here's where I think my mind is going to stay I have a few Things that I think I should say
I love you for everything that you ever did your fucked up ways still you were my very best Friend
there was nothing I couldn't tell you forever were you down to ride. but your fucked up sense of pride and the effects of others on your mind forever would pull you from my side 
Should I hide............
Only thing I hide is this Monster inside..... Wanting to tear  tear tear apart everything and until that subsides I'll Hide from the chances of ever settling down happily with a Bride..............................................................................................................................................................................................My Brain is soaked in Bleach my Bones in Formaldehyde My skin peels from The acid speech you've always given me. Muscles atrophied as I stare off in Apathy.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The meeting

Prom sitting with my ex who I had already bought tickets for and was trying to work things out when it happened. I saw what to me was the most beautiful thing I had ever saw. 
I had to pause couldn't keep my eyes off her the whole night.
something inside me just told me the feeling was right.
struggled for months to make her see that without her the world would be so mundane to me.
and then one faithful day we would meet in the house of tree.
discovered visiting when I shouldn't be. 
The night her father scared the shit out of me.
Went home to think for the night and decided I wanted you for life.
Called your dad to make amends.
I will never lose these memories and fear I will never gain back what was taken from me.
Not just my heart but I feel my very soul, for she was my mate the matching piece to my whole.


So life has been this rocky roller coaster of butt fuckery for the past little while. I have come to realize that until someone wants to help themselves you really cant help them either.
I have drifted through the beginning of adult hood happy, sad, depressed, on top, at the absolute bottom. I have loved, I have lost, I have gained, and I have pained. I have made my plans.

For anyone worried because they do not feel that they have achieved what they deserve. If your one of those people that feel you should already have a plan. RELAX....
there is a plan and I assure you even though you may not yet have yours it will come in time. I am midway through my twenties now and have only now came up with a plan to achieve the dreams I have had for so long.
Do not get down on yourself for being normal. and just remember even when you think you don't have the energy you do.
you can push on, push through and push that obstacle right over because the only thing in the way is yourself.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The worst I can say

Losing my mind as of late. Losing other things aswell. not sure if  I can paddle over and ride in the swell. My brain creates its own little brand of hell. Looking back at who was there when I was high ans who was there when I fell. The world lost a great man yesterday. For reasons I'm sure I dont understand. All these things that keep beating me. And not so much as a comforting hand. The man cus thats just what he was. I hold with me forever your warm embracing hugs.

R.I.P Grandpa Wayne.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Shamalamadippidy do

Shamallamadippidy do, Oh my friends how I have so missed you. On the other side I've been for too long. Floating and drifting along. Im coming back with a vengance enemies I have no time for repentance I dont want to hear your remittance. Just stay the fuck back yeah keep your distance.

Ive smiled alot lately for reasons unknown perhaps its realizing im ok on my own. So tell me. Any questions for this wolfy one here, or do all of the sheep cower crippled by fear