Thursday, October 17, 2013

Presents For male Significant Other

Q: So it's basically impossible when buying male significant others a damn gift. I'm not buying my boyfriend an iTunes gift card or any "sexy lingre" to wear for him. That's technically a present for myself, and I'd much rather know the secret to getting a guy a gift.


If you really want to please or excite your significant other with a gift they will appreciate stick to what you know. So lets see what should you know about your significant other?
What kind of things does he like? Movies, Genres of music, Sports.?
We know above all that what he really likes is YOU!!!!! So do it the old fashioned way Make him something. If your not craft savvy Give him a gift that will represent you, a gift he can put in his locker at work or school or just hang up on his wall.
If you are craft savvy Make him jewelery or something of this nature and try to tie in his interests.

Hope this Helps..
The Wolf

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