Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The meeting

Prom sitting with my ex who I had already bought tickets for and was trying to work things out when it happened. I saw what to me was the most beautiful thing I had ever saw. 
I had to pause couldn't keep my eyes off her the whole night.
something inside me just told me the feeling was right.
struggled for months to make her see that without her the world would be so mundane to me.
and then one faithful day we would meet in the house of tree.
discovered visiting when I shouldn't be. 
The night her father scared the shit out of me.
Went home to think for the night and decided I wanted you for life.
Called your dad to make amends.
I will never lose these memories and fear I will never gain back what was taken from me.
Not just my heart but I feel my very soul, for she was my mate the matching piece to my whole.

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