Tuesday, May 2, 2017


So life has been this rocky roller coaster of butt fuckery for the past little while. I have come to realize that until someone wants to help themselves you really cant help them either.
I have drifted through the beginning of adult hood happy, sad, depressed, on top, at the absolute bottom. I have loved, I have lost, I have gained, and I have pained. I have made my plans.

For anyone worried because they do not feel that they have achieved what they deserve. If your one of those people that feel you should already have a plan. RELAX....
there is a plan and I assure you even though you may not yet have yours it will come in time. I am midway through my twenties now and have only now came up with a plan to achieve the dreams I have had for so long.
Do not get down on yourself for being normal. and just remember even when you think you don't have the energy you do.
you can push on, push through and push that obstacle right over because the only thing in the way is yourself.

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