Friday, November 4, 2016

Experience your mind

Recently I partook in a semi Heroic dose of cubensis and DMT at the apex of my shroom journey. I had went into this experience knowing exactly what I wanted. What was wanted was not ego death persay but more of a spiritual revival a reconnection to my luminous self. Now if you have ever done cubes(shrooms) you know that the trip is not super visual but can begin forming patterns as well as having overwhelming roller coaster of emotion. But meditating on what I wanted to reach definitely helped guide my trip, my body tingled I felt elated euphoric and connected. The ride up took about 2 hrs. By that time I had tears rolling down my face, and had been confronted with pattern entites like another dimension was merging with ours. These tears were tears of joy. I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and suddenly knew everything was ok. At this point I intook 3 massive hits of dmt
As my tongue went numb on the first hit it almost burned. Upon exhalation I was sky rocket to a whole other world. I did vomit for a short period, but this was due to audio stimuli of rain on a aluminum awning. I walked indoors in a familiar yet different setting. And the worlds had merged... The pattern entites appeared I cant explain how they look I was too focused on the hundred or so sets of eyes starring at me. But the voice a hormonious ringing voice spoke some wisdom to me I needed. The voice got me to change a few things in my life. Change my focus ,now I feel youthful and vibrant a childlike sense of joy and wonder has returned to my life. After about a year of being what I can only explain as being a broken and hurt shadow of my former self.
Remember as the wise yoda once said. "We are luminous beings not this crude matter. The force flows through us around us. It connects everything.,

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