Friday, August 5, 2016

"Staying in my play pretend, where the fun ain't got no end"

As a person who has been in a long term relationship I would like to stress communicate with your significant other. Let them truly know how your feeling. the quick snappy "I'm fine" or "yup"  after being asked if you are OK is more detrimental to your relationship than saying "Hey I have a problem with this." and hashing it out. Pay attention to your lover, spouse, boyfriend, or just someone your pursing. Be empathetic to their needs. Every one always talks about a perfect relationship and the answer is to reciprocate what you would expect from your interest.
Remember to keep it genuine if you are a broken record of compliments or affectionate verbiage. It sounds automated. Find ways to make Him/Her laugh.
Rediscover some of the joy that brought you together. Travel to both new and familiar places. Meaning that while a new exciting adventure may lay ahead. Sometimes there are adventures we finished that were not truly complete. 
Not just recreate but rewrite. Make newer fonder memories in the places that hold the most sentiment for you.
 Life is not a straight forward path or even a forked road. Life is like a tree and all the branches, twigs, and leaves are different paths we could have gone.

Also know when its time to bail. Get out. Run. Leave. Flee. Sometimes two people can love each other so much it can be detrimental or toxic to both of their well-being. I still love my ex and always will but after 7 1/2 years of being on a high thrill roller coaster we both decided it had been enough.
The person I am I owe not only to my self and my decisions but to each and everyone of you that has touched my life in someway and I thank you all.

With much love. always your pal 
The Wolf

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