Monday, July 25, 2016

Itroverted introspection

The time was 2008 my life was in an upheaval. I was rebellious and had just had a 1 1/2 year relationship end.(at 16-17yrs old you think its the end) so into my shell I fell. As the year progressed i had spotted a spritly girl and decided i was going to befriend her. Blam I fell in love. Now when I say fell I mean top of the empire state and then down. SPLAT!
I decide im going to ask this beautiful creature out. Then like a train without  tracks my whole plan derailed. REJECTION.
My persistance would win in the end After 2 weeks of courting she was finally mine. I was elated my spirit soaring with hers by my side. (Only now do I realise the mistakes)
As it would seem I am an introvert, and I enjoy having someone by myside when we go out. This leads to a feeling of peace and comfort..... Maybe too much comfort I become more flirtatious and for that. I would be sorry.
This relationship lasted an on off 7 year span of happiness, sadness, love, lust, anger, hatred, and maturity.
Only now do I realize the metaphorical cage.  And im glad you've been set free but know I always love you.
So as I have seen the error in my ways i realized more and more I am a social person the introversion comes from disgust in the world around me collapsing and crumbling. I work with the public, and when you try to talk about whats really relevant they say "I dont care."
WAKE UP. theres a whole big world out there. your not the center, we're not the center. The earth is so respect it and pay attention to the hell humankind wants to unleash

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